The oldest tea house in the world still serves great cups of tea

Japan is home to some of the oldest tea houses in the world, and in Uji city of Kyoto Prefecture, you will find the one that is the oldest of them all. Tsuen Tea, founded in 1160, is the one that… more

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Railways start three new trains in Uttar Pradesh from June 7

The Indian Railways has started three new trains for Uttar Pradesh. According to the reports, the first two train services have started from June 7, and the third will begin from June 11. The new… more



Galleria dell’Accademia

The Galleria dell’Accademia is home to one of the finest art collections in Venice. Inside, you can admire the limitless genius of Leonardo da Vinci, Hieronymus Bosch, Canaletto and other great m… more


Kochi—revisiting the church where once Vasco da Gama was laid to rest

Pick up any Kochi travel guide, and you will find yourself going through a concoction of Portuegese, Dutch, and English history.


This airline serves coffee in vanilla flavoured edible cups to cut down waste

In an effort to encourage sustainable travel, Air New Zealand will start serving vanilla-flavoured edible cups, which will translate to producing minimal waste. It is an attempt by the airline to… more

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Australia is getting ready to welcome Indian travellers for the T20 World Cup 2020

Tourism Australia has now launched a campaign that will drive Indian visitors for the ICC World Cup 2020. Australia is host to both men’s and women’s World Cup in the year 2020.

In another bizarre 2020 twist, Australia”s foam-filled beaches get snake infested

Australia is an alluringly wild country, with a bizarre turn of incidents bringing it back to the headlines. Recent addition to the list of weird happenings in the country is its snakes-infested … more

Finding the best Golgappa corners in the bazaars of Delhi

In the national capital, Delhi, there is more than one golgappa stall in every big or small market, but the best ones can be hard to find. Ahead, we picked the best of the lot for those with a re… more

Crack a Leonardo da Vinci-themed mystery at the Queen”s Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Visitors going to Buckingham Palace should enter the Queen’s gallery if they want to experience something other than the usual. The Queen’s Gallery in the Palace has now been transformed into a L… more

Patna bound Vasco da Gama train derails in Uttar Pradesh, 3 killed

In yet another unfortunate incident, an Indian train derailed in Uttar Pradesh (UP) early on Friday morning, 24th November, 2017. Vasco da Gama-Patna Express’ 13 coaches derailed in Chitrakoot, k… more



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